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tep1. Complete order detail

length & fill in related quantity, clip "Add to Cart”

Step2. Processd to Checkout

Add item to the cart, then clip "Processd to Checkout“

How to Shop and Pay using 

Browse the website or use the search box, click on a product, read the product description, 、select Standard Size (Like Small, Medium, Large)  from the first drop down list or  provide your proper measurements from the drop down lists in “Available Size & Measurements” Box,enter desired quantities.After reviewing that you have entered all the required information’s, click the 'Add to Cart' Button to add the product in your Shopping Cart.

Your shopping cart will appear on the right hand side page, all the subsequent items will automatically appear in the cart. 

After you complete your shopping, Click View Cart (located  at the bottom of Shopping Cart) to review your selected products, once you are ready to order,  Click Checkout (located at the bottom of Shopping Cart) to complete the processThe checkout process is extremely fast, your Cart appear in the middle of the page,You will see three buttons at the bottom.If you want to remove a product from the cart, check the box on left hand side of the product under “Remove” column.

If you want to modify the quantity of any product, put new quantity in quantity box under “Quantity” column.Click “Update” button. Your cart will be automatically update and reflect the changes.Click “Continue Shopping” if you wanted more products to be added.

Click “Checkout” button to proceed to check out, This will bring the “Account Login” page,Here you have the opportunity to create a new account or login if you already have an account on our website. 

If you do not want to create account then select “Guest Checkout” by clicking the radio button on the left hand side and click “Continue”In “GUEST CHECKOUT STEP1”Please enter all required information (marked with *) Like Your Personal Detail and Billing Address in this box. Check “Check here if you have a separate shipping address”